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  • '68 Live Performance

    Posted on January 17 2018

    '68 Live Performance
    Josh Scogin is someone who I've listened to for years. From his past incarnations as th...
  • RIP Products 2017

    Posted on January 16 2018

    RIP Products 2017
    These products sold out in 2017 We hope many of you were able to own them before they ...
  • For The Dark @ Tattoo Freeze Convention UK

    Posted on January 09 2018

    For The Dark @ Tattoo Freeze Convention UK
    Check out For The Dark at Tattoo Freeze in Telford, England from Jan 13-14. They'll be ...
  • Symphony of Death

    Posted on January 08 2018

    Symphony of Death
    Symphony of Death is a sequel to our Insanity in D Minor tshirt design. I love the idea...
  • Inspiration :: The Making of Jane Doe

    Posted on January 08 2018

    Inspiration :: The Making of Jane Doe
    Amazing technical interview with Kurt Ballou, the guitarist of Converge as he explains ...
  • 2017 T-Shirt Release

    Posted on January 08 2018

    2017 T-Shirt Release
    Here are the shirts that we released in 2017. Which ones are you favorites?
  • Favorite Music from 2017

    Posted on January 06 2018

    Favorite Music from 2017
    I listened to so much new music in 2017. Here are some of my favorite albums released i...
  • Bloody Little Secret

    Posted on January 03 2018

    Bloody Little Secret
    In the vein of our Bear-Trapped, Culprit, and My Monster designs. We wanted to introduc...
  • 2017 Exclusive Tshirts

    Posted on December 29 2017

    2017 Exclusive Tshirts
    Thanks to everyone who bought our Exclusive tshirts during 2017. Aldora and I are waiti...
  • Medusa in Love

    Posted on December 02 2017

    Medusa in Love
    Medusa in Love is the newest release from our winter collection. Based on the idea of a...
  • Cherry Blast

    Posted on December 01 2017

    Cherry Blast
    I came up with this design during a comiccon. I was sketching in my book and I drew an ...
  • November Sale Info

    Posted on November 13 2017

    November Sale Info
    [edit Nov 23, 2017: This sale has ended] We are currently away until November 30th gath...
  • November 2017 Monthly Exclusive

    Posted on November 07 2017

    November 2017 Monthly Exclusive
    Our November Monthly Exclusive is available now until November 30th, 2017. Get it befor...
  • Our 2017 Tour is Over!

    Posted on November 06 2017

    Our 2017 Tour is Over!
    This was our busiest year with 25 convention dates. Thanks to everyone who stopped by o...
  • My Monster

    Posted on November 03 2017

    My Monster
    My Monster is our newest release. It is a very playful design which dives way deeper in...