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  • TV Show :: Genius (Picasso)

    TV Show :: Genius (Picasso)

    I've been loving this tv show on hulu called Genius. The latest season is a 10 part series about Pablo Picasso's life. I barely paid attention in my art history...

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  • Honest Boyz® :: Tokyo Dip

    Honest Boyz is the latest rap super group from Nigo (creator of Japanese brand BAPE). When we started Akumu Ink I was heavily influenced by BAPE. Nigo started off like...

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    Honest Boyz® :: Tokyo Dip
  • Chanmina :: Doctor

    Chanmina :: Doctor

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  • Creepy Movies

    Looking for messed up movie suggestions, I found these two movies on Netflix and on Hulu. Beware both movies are NSFW and kinda gory:The first one is called Green Room...

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    Creepy Movies
  • Daughters :: You Won't Get What You Want

    Daughters :: You Won't Get What...

    Of all the albums released this year, I think Daughters made my favorite one for 2018. Canada Songs (2003) and Hell Songs (2006) never left my playlists since they came...

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