1- Where do you ship from?
Our warehouse is now located in South Holland (The Netherlands). We ship worldwide!


2- Shipping Costs + Delivery Times?
[Temporary COVID-19 Shipping Standard]

We have begun shipping orders again starting July 1st, 2020!

We are trying to keep safe during these COVID times. We will continue to self isolate so we can continue to be healthy and creative, while shipping out your orders once/twice a week from our Netherlands warehouse.

We are temporarily using UPS to ship your orders to ensure the arrival of your items, as local post office all over the world have been generally unreliable since COVID started.

Shipping rates are calculated by UPS, and you can get estimated rates prior to checking out of our webstore.

FREE SHIPPING within the EU when you make a purchase of €125 (ex. VAT).

Please keep in mind that if you are purchasing from outside the EU, you will most likely be charged duties/customs fees when your package crosses the border.

The current shipping method is a temporary solution until postal services improve.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

3- I don't want to pay in Euros. Can I buy in my own local currency? 

Yes you can. Just scroll to the bottom of the page where you see this currency selector. You'll be able to pay in your local currency.

4- How do I purchase with my US credit card? 

If you're having problems buying on our website using your US credit card, we recommend choosing PayPal as your method of payment upon checkout. No PayPal account is necessary. Just follow these simple steps.

5- Why is Akumu Ink in Europe now, weren't you from the US?

Both owners of Akumu Ink are actually Canadian. We started and worked on the brand in Montreal, Quebec since 2008 before moving to the California, USA in 2014. If you're interested in knowing why we moved to Europe in 2019 you can read more here

6- Wholesale & Distribution:
We are constantly adding new products throughout the year. If you are interested in carrying our merchandise in your shop or boutique, please contact us here for access to our wholesale website.

7- Where can I buy Akumu Ink merch in real life?

For a complete list of stores and shops that carry our merch click here.

8- When can I expect new designs on the website?
We aim to release new designs at the beginning of every month. Add us on instagram and facebook to get updated on our latest releases immediately when they are available. 

9- I saw an Akumu Ink booth at a comiccon. Who are those nice people selling?
If you see an Akumu Ink® banner above our booth, then that is us! Aldora and Joey (the co-creators behind Akumu Ink), are always behind the booth of every event Akumu Ink® pops up at. Come check out our new designs and accessories, and get something signed!

10- There's a design I really like but can't find it on your website. Is it going to be available again?
All of our designs are printed in limited quantities. Once a design goes into our Design Graveyard page it will never be stocked again.

11- I saw your tshirts on Amazon for $5. Are these REAL or FAKE? Who should I notify?

We have been seeing rampant reproductions from Chinese manufacturers selling fake versions of our shirts on Amazon and Ebay. If the shirt is shipping from China, it's 100% fake.

If you're not sure if an online seller is fake, just message us and we'll be happy to tell you if the seller is fake or one of our official resellers.

To confuse you even further, they even steal our photos and descriptions. If you buy what you think is our shirt, but there are no 'Akumu Ink' logos anywhere on the shirt please message us as these are undoubtedly fake Akumu Ink products without our consent. For more info check out this link.

12- Returns/Exchanges:
Please Contact us within 5 days of receiving your order (Do not send any items back before contacting us) :

A- If the item is not what you ordered or it is defective.

B- If the item is what you ordered but you want to exchange it.

C- We do not refund and/or accept returns if the order was correctly fulfilled.