Discounted Shipping on Orders Over $100


1- How much is shipping? And how long does it take to receive my order?

Items USA
(5 biz days)
(2-3 weeks)
(3-4 weeks)
1 Patch/Keychain $1 $1.75 $3.50
1 T-shirt $3.50 $9.50 $13
2-3 T-shirts/1 Hoodie $6-8 $15 $22
4-5 T-shirts $8-10 $25 $32
5+ T-shirts $12-15 $30 $40
Orders Over $100* FREE $13 $16

*LAST CHANCE/MOVING SALE: Please note that DISCOUNTED SHIPPING does NOT apply during our LAST CHANCE Sale. We do not run 2 promotions simultaneously. Thank you!

All orders shipping outside of the USA may incur: customs, duty and/or VAT fees that are not included in our shipping price for your order. These fees are calculated and charged by the country you are shipping your order to. Depending on the country, different fees may apply. To receive your package this fee must be paid upon delivery.

2- Where do you ship from?
Our warehouse is located in Southern California, USA. We ship worldwide.

3a- Wholesale & Distribution:

We create a new collection of t-shirts and merch every January and September. If you would like to carry our products in your shop or boutique, please contact us here for a catalog.

3b- Where can I buy Akumu Ink merch in real life?

If you want to buy directly from the owners of Akumu Ink here is a list of all the events we setup at in person and sell our merch.

For a complete list of stores and shops that carry our merch click here.

4- When can I expect new designs on the website?
We release new t-shirt designs at the beginning of every month and new merch is released as soon as we get them. Add us on instagram and facebook to get updated on our latest releases immediately when they are available.

5- I saw an Akumu Ink booth at a comiccon. Who are those nice people selling?
That's us! Aldora and Joey (the co-creators behind Akumu Ink) always behind the booth of every event in the US. Come check out our new designs and products, and get something signed.

6- There's a design I really like but can't find it on your website. Is it going to be available again?
All of our designs are printed in limited quantities. For the most part, once a design runs out we will post it on our Design Graveyard page and never stocked again.

7- I saw someone selling fake versions of your shirts. Who should I notify?

We have been seeing rampant reproductions from Chinese manufacturers selling through Amazon and Ebay. If you choose to buy through Amazon or Ebay please make sure the seller is not shipping from China. If it is, it's 100% fake.

To confuse you even further, they even steal our photos and descriptions. If you buy what you think is our shirt but there are no 'Akumu Ink' logos anywhere on the shirt please message us as these are undoubtedly fake Akumu Ink products without our consent. For more info check out this link.

8- Returns/Exchanges:
Please Contact us within 5 days of receiving your order (Do not send any items back before contacting us) :

A- If the item is not what you ordered or it is defective.

B- If the item is what you ordered but you want to exchange it.

C- We do not accept returns if the order was correct.