Etsy: Quit Your Day Job Article Up!

If you are following us on Facebook then you've already seen this yesterday. But here we are adding credibility to our name. We were featured on yesterday's Etsy article "Quit Your Day Job" where we were asked questions about how we started our business to how we run our business, and even asked what a normal comprised of for us. We received tons of comments from fellow entrepreneurs thanking us for sharing our story and inspiration as I have commented on many who had inspired me when I was still working a day time job. Thank you to the editors for putting together such a great article and especially for allowing us the chance to be a part of it. Being recognized on Etsy is a big deal as it is one of the biggest websites of its kind. So Thanks for those who have supported us, and thanks to those who have found us through the article. Lastly if you have been following us and would like to know a little bit more about the behind the scenes how we work and how we got to this point you may want to swing by and read the article here ;)