Grimm Designs (Brand Ripping Off Our Designs and Style)

Just found a new fake brand in the UK called Grimm Designs that are ripping off our style (very poorly mind you) along with some of our original designs. They ripped our Cheshire Cat design from 2014, our Sick Nurse design from 2015, and Deadly Myth unicorn design from 2016.


Side note: The real sad part is that the person ripping us off was someone we used to work with who had no part in our creative process. By supporting this brand and buying their merch you are encouraging them to rip off more of our designs.

We started Akumu Ink in 2008, my wife and myself creating original designs and printing them on shirts. It's really unfortunate when someone feels entitled to steal from a small business because they feel that it's easier than doing something original.

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