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Written by Akumu Ink


Posted on May 16 2015

Our Kickstarter project was completely funded as of yesterday! There is still 15 days to go so hopefully we can get a few more orders in so that we can offer everyone some fun extras (image below) like getting a dust jacket made, a bookmark, and the funnest of all is if we get $8,000 in funding we'll go as far to make the tshirt glow in the dark! Of course if we blew past $8,000 we would easily consider making another book. We have another completely different idea that we'd love to possibly tackle, but we're shelving for now.

After being funded I was super excited and inspired and drew up 2 new pages. I figured out a more scratchy/'child-like' style which I plan on using throughout the entire book. Possibly even going back and updating the other 4 pages I already made. Check them out below: