Headphones & Chainsaws :: June Release

I've come up with a bunch of designs based around suicide in the past, but here is a redesign of our Skull Suicide tshirt from our first collection. I loved the design, but in all honesty the shirt itself wasn't that popular. Taking another look at it I tried to do it differently and came up with this skull wearing headphones. It wasn't until Aldora suggested, "Make blood come out of the ears!" that the design just went to the next level. Even coming up with the name was fun. Originally we came up with Tone Deaf due to the bursting eardrums, but we cranked it up a notch and decided on Tone Death!

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FML is a fun experimental shirt. I loved the response to our Twins design, so I wanted another shirt with a phrase. Aldora came up with FML, and I wanted to do a more cutesy anime style version of our Tokyo Massacre character giving a skeleton a bad day.

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