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Posted on May 13 2014

Ottawa has been so good to us last year that we were more than happy to return to see nothing but support and love for our little nightmare brand. We made a point of bringing over 80% new and unreleased designs (that we didn't have last year) and it was really fun to see which designs were the most popular. We were humbled by the amount of VIPs that came right away to find our booth when the doors opened. We promise to continue creating beautiful apparel that you will continue to love to wear. skull shirt, skull umbrella, comiccon shirt, skull red wagon, ottawa comicco, anime girl chainsaw, chainsaw tshirt, skull back pack, skull headphones, bleeding headphones, skeleton shirt, gothic style, japanese goth, goth horror shirt, black cat shirt, cat top hat, black cat top hat, comiccon shirt, ottawa comiccon


  • AkumuInk (Joey): May 28, 2014

    We did have our newest Mad Hatter design at Ottawa. Which Mad Hatter design are you referring to?

  • Hatter: May 28, 2014

    I was a little bummed that you guys didn’t have the new Hatter stuff at OCC, but it’s pretty wicked to have my picture on the site. I’ll be ordering my hoodie shortly.

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