2013 Akumu Ink Recap Video

A great way to end the year for me seems to be making the recap video touting all we've accomplished in the past year. The first time I made the recap video in 2011 it was meant to be a slideshow dedicated to all our blog posts to just fit everything into one package, but with the help of instagram it's grown from just photos of ourselves to so many awesome fan photos, a bunch of celebrity sightings, and a ton of professional model photos. The original 2011 video used 82 photos, now in 2013 we've almost doubled it with 149 images. Thanks to bXmMusic for his awesome track "Glorifying Flaws" which backs the entire video. Check out this video and the rest of our youtube channel here.

Special appearances by WWE's AJ Lee, Fearnet's Holliston, metal bands Katatonia and Nightwish, actor Joseph Gatt, and reality star Kitty Crystal.