1 Year VAULT Subscription

Aldora and I brainstormed an idea last season to create a subscription based way for ultra Akumu Ink collectors to get our products before everyone else. As we do sell to retail, we don't want to compete by putting all our products online at the beginning of the season. So we came up with the VAULT. A way for only those who really want our new shirts to get them before anyone else. If you've been wondering what is currently available when you purchase our 1 year VAULT subscription, here is a video showing all the designs currently accessible. Please note than when you purchase the VAULT you have access to all the products at 10% off for an entire year. Not only will you have access to the current Winter 2013 collection, which will slowly be made available on our website during the next 4-6 months, but you will also have access to our Summer 2014 collection that will be made exclusively accessible to VAULT subscribers as early as February 2014. Not to mention you get a free tshirt and 8 free prints, which in itself is a $160 value!