Beetlejuice Print: Only at Montreal ComicCon

This weekend at Montreal Comiccon: The first 3 people to come to our booth on each day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) wearing their Akumu Ink tee will get a FREE limited-edition Beetlejuice print. Be sure to get to our booth early because there will be no exception. For those asking if this will be printed on a tshirt, the answer is 'No,' as we don't produce unlicensed artwork on shirts. This is strictly a free and fun gift to those of you who love our original tshirt art. Why Beetlejuice? With Halloween only a month away, I couldn't help but get into the spirit by drawing one of my favourite movie characters that inspired me to love the darker side of life. beetlejuice, skull art, beetlejuice fanart, skull artist, skeleton artist, skull tshirt art, comiccon skull tshirts, comicon skull shirts, dark art, cute skulls, cartoon skull, emo skull, beetlejuice skull