September Release

New this September on are designs that showcase exactly where this brand is going from now on. My favourite colour pallet is black, red, and white which I've chosen to do for these 2 designs in different combinations. First off is Mad for Hats: A reinterpretation of our Mad Hatter design from the classic story Alice in Wonderland. Our original character was so popular that I wanted to bring him back in a new and different way, so I envisioned him in a state of going crazy floating around through this nightmare encircled by millions of hats that were all different shapes and sizes. This design wasn't supposed to exist, a day before sending my artwork to the printer Aldora felt that one of my designs of a cat with a monocle sucked and she wanted to drop it to be replaced for a new Mad Hatter design. I was against it at first as I had no idea what to do for the new design, but after 10min of sketching out a few things I came up with this exact design and sent it to the printer the next day. It ended up being one of my 4 favourite designs from the Fall 2012 collection.
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The Sword Swallower is a revisted version of our old Death's Embrace character working as a freakshow performer. Originally I had drawn it without the heart being pulled out of his throat, but Aldora suggested that it would be 'creepier' if I had a heart bleeding on the sword. I think it gave this design exactly what it needed to make it fit in the 'Akumu Ink' universe.
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