New May Shirts Released

This month we're releasing OFF TO NEVERLAND vneck for women. Based off a print I had drawn in the early days of Akumu Ink (2010) using surreal elements of a girl being lifted off to a dream world by birds. bird tshirt, raven tshirt, raven art, bird art, bird tattoo, flying tshirt, bird vneck, The second design is for men which is an old favourite called the SKELETON KEY. I reworked the artwork from scratch to match it to our current style and to make it a much bolder image than the original one released in 2009. But I still kept the original the concept of having the locking part at the tip of the key be the word "Nightmare" or "Akumu" in the Japanese characters. skeleton key, key shirt, keys, key, key tattoo, lock key, key art, skeleton key tee, key tee, key tshirt, Models: Abigail Mitchell, Jon Riv Photo: Suttell Photography