I was online and found this artist Conjunto Universo's photostream and it reminded me of how I used to draw before settling on the "Akumu Ink scratchy style" (Like the Key to my Heart design is kinda like this). Anyways what inspired me was how some of his artwork were cropping the images at the waist to show the hands. I really liked that concept and I was automatically inspired to do my take on one of these images with an Akumu Ink tshirt on. So I took a picture of myself and within an hour or two I drew and coloured in this image. It's inspiring to sometimes just stray away from your regular style and just do something so different for no reason. This was fun, I can see myself doing a few more like this. Hope you like it. akumu ink art, self portrait emo, self art emo, tshirt artist, scene art, emo self, indie art, skull tshirt, skull art, goth photographer, goth artist, goth art, skull artist, akumu art