I just posted something very important on Facebook and I stress: if you are a fan of our shirts DO NOT to wait to pick up the ones you love. I've been getting a few emails recently from people asking if we were going to re-release old designs, or asking why some sizes are missing for certain designs. In our webstore you can find a note that says 'Until quantities last' if an item is in its last print before being discontinued. This means exactly that. There may be 10 units left of a size, or you may just be buying the last one! Our items aren't limited edition, but we do print limited quantities and once they're depleted we won't be reprinting them. Not to worry, there are new designs coming, but please do not hold out for reprints. Get them while they last! Now we must say farewell forever to the following designs: emo tshirts, emo summer, twins holding knives shirt, play together kill together, creepy girl shirt, kawaii goth, summer goth, anime clothes, anime fashion, cosplay tshirt emo tshirts, emo summer, girl batwings shirt, creepy eye shirt, big eye shirt, akumu ink eye, summer 2012 fashion, summer goth, anime clothes, anime fashion, cosplay tshirt