Spain Trip Pt.1

I'm just going to make a bunch of posts showcasing photos from our three week trip to Europe. Here is part one of our trip to Spain at the end of June. We spent most of our time in Madrid, but you'll see the first few photos are from Toledo. Spain was completely inspirational and a great introduction into getting me to think more like an artist. We were lucky enough to check out the Prado museum where after 2 hours of walking around we got bored and were trying to find an exit, and somehow landed upon a room hosting Goya's Black Paintings. These were completely inspiring, so much so that had I seen them in my own town I would have purchased 10 canvases on the way home, painted them completely black, drank wine, and figured out where to go from there. After enjoying that museum the next day we checked out the Reina Sofia museum (which was the highlight of my trip) where I got to see original Picasso and Salvador Dali canvases. I received more art education staring at the brush strokes, line work and colours of these canvases than I had received in the last 5 years. It was a real big eye opener and something that I have already begun applying to upcoming designs, and my current watercolour pieces.