New Tshirt Closeups 2

More closeups of our newest prints coming from our US print shop. All these individual photos can be seen on the product's page. Now let's get into some specifics: Manic is one of the latest designs to hit our online shop. It's the first design I've ever done for Akumu using 3 colours (a big deal considering we've maxed out at 2 colours for 4 years because of how my home setup wouldn't allow me to do so). Manic was originally designed to just be a generic doll, but as the piece came together I was more and more inspired by Raggedy-Andy and Chucky. It's pretty much what I wanted Voodoo Seppuku to be after figuring out that you guys actually liked our voodoo design. The updated Investigation is everything I wanted that didn't happen with the original. I broadened up the mustache to make it an integral part of the design. And like the Ripper we removed the silver ink and used a gorgeous creamy grey. I really wanted to introduce colour for those of you who don't usually wear colour but want to add some to your wardrobe. We also switched up the Akumu characters for a question mark to give a different story to the image.

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Nothing changed for the Twins other than the print being beautifully printed without much 'hand' ('Hand' is a printing term to express how much you feel the print). Lastly Gargoyle was updated and completely realigned to have so much beautiful detail and remains one of my favourite designs to date.

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