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Notebook Project

Posted on April 12 2011

I was walking around the store with Dora and this notebook caught my eye. I'm always looking out for something that I think would interest you guys. So I picked it up. I'm thinking of painting on this 4.5"x6" notebook very much in the same style as my sketches and making it available to the first buyer to want it. It comes equipped with an elastic strap to keep the pages shut together and a bookmark to keep your place. This will make for a very inspiring notebook whether it's to keep school notes, your own sketches and ideas, or just to keep on your shelf at home. I don't know if I should wait to for someone to order it from me and choose what they want me to draw on it, or if I should paint whatever I want and sell it as is.

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moleskin, moleskin notebook, notebook, custom notebook