Tattoo Apprenticeship 1 Not Happening

Although my Saturday trial apprenticeship started off really well, things went south in the last hour or two. No worries though, I am still highly motivated to find a teacher willing to give me the proper techniques and sanitary issues involved in becoming a tattoo artist. For some reason there was a huge issue with the fact that I don't have any tattoos myself. I don't feel comfortable getting something just for the sake of getting an apprenticeship. I would like to get some someday, but for right now I just want to create beautiful art on people. I see so much bad art out there, I just want to be part of something positive, and help those that want to get tattooed keep something beautiful which will be with them forever. Anyways, I'll keep you updated with what's going on with that. In other news, working on the NEW Sequel designs... Can't wait to completed. More soon.