Summer 2010 Collection Closeups

I had never posted any good closeups of the summer collection. So here we go: clown, it, horror shirt, clown shirt, clown design, the joker
This morbid looking clown was a lot of fun to draw. I was imagining what the Joker's henchmen would wear if they were to wearing an Akumu ink tshirt. I think it's a simpler design but it works in that it's creepy as hell.
horror shirt
I was going for something along the lines of the Of Horror I design for this one. I had originally wrapped my face up with an old scarf that I found to use as reference. I remember choking on the smell of the dust that it led me to go in a suffocation direction rather than a mummy image which it was originally. And I really loved the idea of having this blatant triangular layout. A lot of my work uses negative space and I think I was successful in creating something original with this design.
storm, nightmare before christmas, corpse bride tshirt, hot topic
The Drifter was supposed to be like a continuation of The Storm character's world. I had seen an image of the bicycle when looking through the internet and I thought how fun that would look like on a shirt. Almost circus like. This one is really just a fun design, no deeper meaning.