New Music, Other Stuff

Picked up some new music today. But before I get to that I just want to mention that I have been getting back into comics in a big bad way. Not only have I been picking up a bunch of books to inspire me with the latest collection, but it's actually inspired me to work on a mini comic which I will get printed and sell on for your collection. Depending on the cost and pages, you'll be looking to spend a very reasonable 1-5$ for a collectible story book of Akumu Ink art and characters. I've already posted an ad on a forum with success in which I found two writers with their own strengths. One adapting a dark humour to the cuter more anime designs and another writer taking a more serious tone to some of my darker designs. I'm really looking forward to getting this project underway as I think it will be a lot of fun to flesh out a world for all the cool characters that I create and to give them more time in the spotlight than just a one off tshirt print. Also the new collection will be available net Monday, it's coming very soon. The screens will be sent out on Monday and come back finished on Thursday. Then we'll be going to an anime convention in Montreal from Friday to Saturday to come back Monday in which I will print and photograph the shirts to go up online. Also on my plate is a photoshoot I plan on doing with some of my friends. We'll be taking photos of the newest collection along with the last release which I'm pretty sure will knock your socks off :P It's a really messed up concept which will look great. So that's what's going on! As for the music I picked up: Pierce the Veil "Selfish Machines" (Below is a video I took of them at Warped Tour in Montreal) Impending Doom "There Will Be Violence" Despised Icon "Day of Mourning" IDeclareWar "Malevolence" MyChildren MyBride "Lost Boys"