Painting Day

The gallery event is coming up in a week. This Friday (July 2) party starts at 7pm (I think) at Sub-V/Camion de Pompier. Shirts, prints, and paintings will all be available for sale or just for your viewing pleasure. Come by and say hi, wear your Akumu Ink tshirts if you want, and just come hang out. But for now I gotta get busy producing some artwork for the event as we sold out of everything we had posted so far! Ok so a lot of late nights on the way, so probably the next time I update it will be from the event itself. Give me some news, and I'm working on getting a ton of options for skins to be available, blackberries, all apple products, tons of phone options, video game consoles and remotes, etc. So there shouldn't be any reason for you not to be showing off Akumu in some way or another. Possibly even some wallpapers. Ok that's it for now, see you soon. painting, peinture, montreal painter, montreal artist