Spooky Gallery Art

This week is going to be pretty crazy. Trying to release the new designs before the end of the week. Going to the maritimes for a tattoo convention and working on getting some paintings ready for our gallery night at the beginning of July. This is a 16"x20" The Storm print on a canvas that I painted black. I'm considering adding some red sunburst like the ipod steampunk app I did...Not sure yet. I would like to invite any of you who'd like to buy this painting or any of the others I will be working on to feel free to bid on the pieces here through the blog. Just leave a comment or message me and we'll go from there. I'm starting the bid at 50$ (shipping not included) so if you're interested let me know, I'd love to have some paintings have a little "sold" tag below them at the gallery. urban artist, hot topic, emily strange, mark ryden Current Bid of 50$ accepted. Bid for your chance to get this painting!