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Quick Update

Posted on April 15 2010

After getting back from a rather dissapointing show over the weekend we had a lot of orders which I'm trying to make a point of printing and shipping. We've also been busy trying to do our best to get all the Little Monster stuff up on the website as it was really important for us to properly get that up there. I still have some little updates to make on the website so that accessing the Little Monsters stuff is easier. In other news I'm trying to get inspired to start working on the summer Akumu collection. Watching things like the Twilight Zone, exploring youtube for some new kpop and jpop music, anything really to inspire me. If you guys have ideas for movies or music it's always welcome. So that's it for now, just being busy getting stuff printed and sent out, and preparing for more conventions coming up soon.


  • AkumuInk (Joey): May 28, 2014

    Thanks Menno, I totally forgot about that album I’m getting it now. And thanks for the kind words on the latest release ;)

  • Menno: May 28, 2014

    I think you already check it out, but the new Cancer Bats album is great =) So maybe it will give some inspiration. Looking forward to the summer collection, and the little monsters are, yeah what to say, cute =P No really, great collection.

  • Ray Gause: May 28, 2014

    I’m a ginormous kpop fan! lol Love SNSD forever! Seeyas xoxo

  • AkumuInk (Joey): May 28, 2014

    Good call Shawn on CoF. I think I’m getting back into their music in a big bad way after so many years not listening to it. Getting all their albums back out and reading the lyrics which I never did before. Amazing! Thanks, this could be just the thing to inspire the new collection. Damnation and a Day is a gorgeous album. Ooh love it.

  • AkumuInk (Joey): May 28, 2014

    Thanks Shawn, some of their videos are great. I think I will spend a few moments on youtube watching them all ;)

  • Shawn "nymph" Smith: May 28, 2014

    cradle of filth album Nymphetamine
    the song (both overdose and fix versions) is great inspiration…at least to me
    good luck on the shirts

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