Hottest Korean Idol

Do you have a preference between Lee Hyori or BoA? Please no negative comments. These girls are both hot and talented Korean singers.

A little history, Lee Hyori has had a really good last 3 albums. She was sued by Brittany Spears agents for plagiarizing one of her songs.

BoA is a mega talent and the acronym of her name means 'Best of Asia'. BoA has had countless number one albums and never fails to create great pop songs. The video below has her performing with the infamous Verbal of M-Flo and Teriyaki Boyz fame sporting his latest project Ambush Design rings. Amazing talent in that video!

Let me know which one you prefer or if you have a link to your more preferred Korean or asian idols ;) I know I've never posted something like this before but I'm hoping to learn about your favourites and if you know any new music that I can add to my playlist then I will be forever grateful.