Akumu Ink Gallery

I don't know if you're like me. But my first 8 'bookmarks' are all blogs that I like. Every day (sometimes twice a day) I will go through my list of blogs in order to see if any of them have updated it with something worth reading. I always feel accomplished when I go through them and there was some good info and updates, but I feel like I wasted 5 minutes when I went through all of them ot find that no one updated anything.

today we went to a local boutique to see if we could sell our shirts to the shop. We brought samples in to show the owner. It was funny because the girl working there did a double take at our shirts and asked "Do you have some shirts in Perfide (Perfide is a boutique in Montreal that we actually do wholesale with)?" Apparently she owned one of our shirts for some time and really loved the print which was a plus for us when talking to the owner. We talked over some things and then we were asked if we'd be interested in taking part in a creating some canvas paintings for a show in July to introduce our line. It would be like a gallery within the store. So if you're in Montreal and would like to be part of this let me know as I think it's by invitation only. I will update you with photos and in progress work as we get closer to the date :)