New Collection Up

So the NEW 2010 collection went live at 10am (eastern time?). So far the response has been great! You guys really make all this worth it.

So far we have two great blogs that mentioned the new line. Which I'll post about soon.

Bare with me as there's still a few things I need to tweak, some pages might be missing pictures or headers, but all that will be fixed soon. If you see something let me know and I'll fix it right up. I was up till 4am last night photoshopping and preparing just under 60 individual items to either be released or updated. It was a huge undertaking for our small company.

We've also added a 'Hoodie' section to make the main page less confusing.

Also all the new items can be found in our 'packages' so spoil yourself and save some money at the same time ;)

Ok more posts describing the individual designs, and more photos will fill up the blog in the upcoming week. So have fun browsing and buying the new stuff, if you have any questions you can find me here.