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Art Books

Posted on October 08 2009

I'm not big on buying things but I do love art books. I used to collect 3D art books when I started working as a 3D artist but recently I've been gathering inspiration from artists that worked with KidRobot and other popular artists from today's art scene. Here are two books I just picked up: on the left the CandyKiller Compendium on the right Tara McPherson's Lost Constellations. I like surrounding myself by art that inspires me to create more art.
tara mcpherson, lost constellations
candykiller, kid robot
tara mcpherson, lost constellations

I'm now looking to get a book by Takashi Murakami but he's got so many books out there at so many different price points it's hard to choose which one would be the best. If you have any books by him let me know ;)


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