Best Feedback Ever

Looking through our Etsy feedbacks I read this most amazing response "When this item arrived, a storm was brewing outside. I brought the package inside. I went to open it... Lightning crash. "This hoodie is made of greater stuff than mere men can think of," I said to myself. I pealed back the packing paper, and there the article of clothing rested. I wearily reached in for the hoodie... and the power went out. In an act of bravery or cowardice, I still haven't decided which, I slipped the hoodie along my body. My god, the power it held in its fibers was awesome. Strike that, I have no god but the one who fashioned this holy relic."
That is the best most exaggerated way to say thank you that I could ever expect to hear from anyone. Thank you so much for loving our items I came up with a really cool idea for this month's design. We're working hard to give you the brand you deserve ;) You can read the comment here