Vacation Pics

So I'm back from my 2 week adventure with Dora to her home country of Indonesia. It was great, at the time I thought it was hot like hell but it seems I brought the weather back with me here cuz I'm melting. Not seeing much difference, although apparently it remains that hot over there all year round. Here's a quick recap of our vacation: This was the door of a Buddhist Temple. creepy doorknob, creepy door, goth door, buddhist door
We also went to this awesome petting zoo where we could hold a bat, turtles, a snake, as well as other animals.
snake tshirt, holding snake, snake charmer
We went to this walkthrough jungle that held approx 500 monkies. You would be on the path and the monkeys would actually come right up to you. It was great and I got this nice photo of a baby. monkey, baby monkey, monkey tshirt