The Calm Before the Storm

...NYC tomorrow...

Don't get me wrong. I love traveling and seeing different things, NYC being a great place to visit, but I'm at a point where if I'm not going for myself or for Akumu then I'm not really interested.

So yeah, the new design is going up by this weekend. I will have my laptop with me so I will turn my side of the NYC hotel room I'm staying at into a studio. Dora and I made the screen Monday night, last night I printed the shirt, tonight we'll take the pics. In NY I will clean up the pics and set up the website and voila! New design ready for you to buy! Also I want to add a bunch of the raspberry and army shirts to some older designs as well as a hoodie for "Faceless."

What else? Let me share some of the music I've been listening to lately.

First, the origins of how I got into asian music as well as asian culture ::

5 years ago when I was going to College in Ontario I dated a Korean girl for a short while. She had recently moved to Canada so she was still pretty into asian pop culture. She gave me 4 songs to listen to, (I forget the song tracks but these were the artist's names): Arc-En-Ciel, M-Flo, BoA, and Utada Hikaru. We soon broke up and these songs sat on my computer for a year before I remembered having them and gave them a listen. Immediately I fell in love with the melodies and originality of the sound. I listen to hardcore and deathcore, so obviously this comes as a surprise that I would like such pop/hip hop songs. But whatever, when you like something there's no reason you should feel ashamed ;)

Anyways all that to say that BoA, a Korean pop star and Utada Hikaru the Japanese American singer songwriter have both released English albums this year. Very Americanized trying to break into the american public, personally not my favorite songs as of yet. But both these albums are extremely catchy and fresh sounding. I suggest both of them to you if you're into this sound. I'm posting vids of each, hope you enjoy it: