City and Colour Concert

Went to the City and Colour concert Saturday night. I was kinda tired and not really looking forward to going downtown that night, but honestly once I got into my seat and the concert started I was totally sucked right in. Before City and Colour there was this guy who played Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" alone on an acoustic guitar with no lyrics, he played like a classical version of the song. The crowd started singing along and the choir-like sound was surreal. It was really gorgeous to hear, a very original opening. I loved watching Dallas play, the sound of his guitar and voice are ridiculous. I've included a pic from the show, and a video from one of his singles "Save your Scissors", I also thought it was appropriate to include the newest alexisonfire single "Young Cardinals" which is Dallas' other band for you more aggressive music listeners :) If you haven't yet heard of Dallas Green and his work then here's a great chance to discover one of Canada's gems.
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