The Heat

Here's a pic of Dora hard at work heating up your tshirts. She uses a heat gun over the entire shirt to make sure the print doesn't fade when you put it in the washing machine. We had to put a huge fan in front of her due to the smoke that is caused during this process (which is why her hair is all crazy flowing).

Also if you'll notice in this picture there is a cat on the roof of our neighbors house. We kept pointing out the cat to Tiny (our dog) without any recognition on his part that he even noticed the cat.

Recently we've been printing none stop for 3 wholesalers: An online store in the UK, a boutique in Cyprus, and the lovely Dominia Shop in the Netherlands. As well as printing your orders, as soon as all these shirts go out my focus will be concentrated on a new design. I want to use grey and red (separately of course) as the next design colors.