Let Me Explain

So I'm assuming you saw the new designs? What do you think? Didn't I make the gold Skeleton Key design awesome? hehe. Let me do a more in depth, behind the scenes explanation about them:

wiki'd for the meaning and found it to be more interesting than that. So I simply drew up a key with the skull on the end, which wasn't super impressive until I used the Japanese characters for Akumu as the locking tip. Very happy with this image.
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Tokyo Gore Police
I was especially inspired to make a geisha for this month's design. And I cross breaded the image with the Hexidecimal character from Reboot, and Koh the Face Steeler from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
geisha, horror geisha, blood geisha, japanese horror, horror tshirt, geisha tshirt
Also, I hope you like the new pics, we took a bunch more photos that I'm working on and slowly replacing some of the older ones. Also I hope you like the new features on the website to see more pics, and demand no logo without emailing us about it :) More to come of course!