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Banners, Banners, Banners

Posted on February 27 2009

for some reason the last few work days have been more than overwhelming. I was hired as a 3d illustrator to make children's books. But I've spent the last week packing and shipping boxes. I'm glad my coworkers helped cuz there was no way I could have sent everything out this week. Then I came home every night drink a redbull to print shirts for a few hours. Have dinner, shower, and then sit on Dora's computer with a coffee and work late into the night on these banners. It's been really fun doing this, such an escape from the routine things I've been doing lately. And I'm pretty proud of the results. We've designed a new banner for our convention booth, and I have 2 banners that I did that are so different. When they get back from my printer's I'll be sure to take photos before shipping them out. I just want a beer and to sleep for a while...