Sale Ends Tomorrow

Tomorrow's the last day of our 17$ Sale. After that I am washing out those screens and I will print them no more. There are a few random sizes left (from this years tattoo conventions) and you can purchase them in the RIP section at regular price afterwards. But for now I'd just like to say it was a nice run Beloved and RockStar, you've been with us since September of last year as sketches in my notebook. Back when I had no idea how to design a tshirt, and had not even made a tshirt yet, or even expected anyone to buy one.

It's crazy to think that a year ago Dora and I had absolutely no idea what direction we were going to go in. But for now we will be making room for new designs coming in 2008. Currently we are working on high quality items that will be so limited, and so original, you'll be sure no one will be copying your unique style.

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