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Tattoo Show Pics...The Moon Festival

Posted on September 17 2008

I thought we took alot more photos of the show but most of them came out blurry. Not even worth showing... Here's 2 clear pics that are decent:
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In other news, Dora and I celebrated Moon Festival with some tea and a store bought mooncake. I may be wrong about the legend surrounding this festival but this is what I paraphrased from wikipedia... Once there were ten suns that appeared in the sky. The Emperor ordered his best archer to shoot down nine of the suns. When he was done the Goddess of Western Heaven repayed the archer with a pill of immortality. But his wife found the pill and took it. She was then banished to the moon as a result. Very dark almost vampiric story. I love it. Let us celebrate every year on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar together.
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