He's So Proud

So today other than the orders I didn't really print today. Dora and I went for a walk and I took these amazing photos of 'Birds in Flight'.

nation geographic, best bird photo

Amazing huh? I know you're totally impressed. I even tagged these photos like ' amazing bird photos, national geographic's best' I hope they end up at the top of the google image search ha...so hideous.

amazing bird in flight, bird, crow

For lunch we went towards the town had some sushi and ice cream. I saw this graffiti on the side of a building right in the busy part of the street. awesome.

satan graffiti
I'm titling this next one He's So Proud. We were walking Tiny in the park and I saw this kid going around with that rainbow twirl on the front of his bike. He even looked at us like he was better than us. I think he might actually be the devil...and if that is so we need to change the look of our products :P

rainbow twirl, kid riding bike