Sin City Tattoo Shop

So as I've mentioned we currently have our stuff at Sin City Mtl Tatouage & Percage (Tattoo & Piercing) here in Montreal (Ile Perrot). It's surreal walking into that place seeing all the shirts I slave over hanging so nicely like they've never been touched by human hands. Our stuff has been there for the last 2 weeks and has been selling fairly well considering that our brand is still underground. I know one of the talented tattoo artists there from college. It's weird, cuz every time I go there I become entranced with watching her tattoo her client. I think it's from watching LA Ink, I feel like I should expect to hear why the person is getting the tattoo they chose and just sit and watch the montage from sketch to when they go to the mirror to look at their finalized tattoo. But that's not real life, which sucks because it's fun to watch talented artists work in front of you. Anyways check out the photos.

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