Forgetting the Anti Mother

Finally last night Dora and I were able to clean up the apartment. Only partially but was to the point where my arms and legs felt like giving out and collapsing onto the piles of papers and boxes, and just random junk left around. After cleaning it felt like someone turned on a light in what was once a dark cave in which you were trying to find your way.

We even bought some sushi to celebrate and watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall...Which was awesome.

Oh, and got a hold of the new Norma Jean album... I don't know yet... I'm trying to get past the whining which is Cory Brandan's screaming voice at times. And the lame Deftones influence I'm hearing a lot of the times for guitar riffs. There are 2 notable moments that I'm intrigued by... 'Surrender your Sons' has a really nice clear voice in that Cory's? Sounds like he actually has a singing ability which is cool. Then the song 'Opposite of Left and Wrong' has some weird screaming layered on top of the vocalist's which is pretty cool too. Original. Am I a fan of those cheerleader's at one point on the album...maybe had Faith No More done it, then had it ripped off by Marilyn Manson it might have been ok.

[Edit: Took me a few listens but this is now one of my favourite albums ever!]