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Dark Knight Tonight...finally...

Posted on July 24 2008

So we dropped off the shirts at Sin City Tattoo Shop last night. Two of the artists at the shop placed orders with us. We left with a list almost as large as the one we had a week ago :P It's cool though, I'm always happy to see the look on people's faces when they get their shirts. On the way home from the shop, I was so tired that I missed the exit to our place. Luckily we caught the bridge back home, cuz we were seconds away from hitting downtown traffic and a huge storm. When we got home I think it was 9pm and we crashed on the bed. When I woke up it was midnight and all the lights were still on in the apartment from when we came in.

Tonight finally we get to see Dark Knight. Luckily no one has spoiled it for me yet. I can't wait to see it, I loved the last Batman with scarecrow, and also The Prestige, so let's hope this new movie will be just as awesome.