Work to Death

This weekend was another work filled weekend. Got a lot of stuff done though. Finished up the printing for our in store debut. Also preparing for the Calgary tattoo show. And yesterday we got an email from the Montreal tattoo convention letting us know that a spot is available for that show! Everything keeps working in our favor. Although it does mean more work... but if I'm going to have a mental breakdown then let it be so in my little room that's as hot as hell, with my heater that causes the breaker to jump in 3 of the rooms in the apartment when Dora prints something, with my little print machine and terrible ventilation. Something to look back on and laugh, hopefully. So I got a comment on the last couple of blog posts from someone who has their own tshirt blog. Not only does Mr. Chaunt like our shirts, we're on the top of his wishlist. So check it out. If there is any discipline in my life is based on a movie about robots from the 90's. Thanks mom and dad I'll never forget my birthday in grade 4 when you rented Terminator 2. Best birthday ever. All this to say that there's a teaser trailer up for the newest Terminator movie: Terminator Salvation. With Christian Bale as John Connor, amazing. This movie looks like it's going to be really sick.