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Never Say Die

Posted on July 04 2008

Yes it's different but I'm glad I did it. We don't seem to have enough stuff for girls except for hearts. Guys and girls alike have favored our When A Cat Smiles tshirt so I wanted to create something for those who wanted something cute but also a little dark. Also I wanted to try something in this style to see if you'll like it enough for me to continue drawing in my style instead of the generic skulls and hearts. You all like Death's Embrace, so let me try this and we'll see where we go from there.
japanese girl skull, cute anime skull, old akumu ink shirt,
Never Say Die
is an illustration of a cute Japanese girl in her school uniform being embarrassed that she told someone to 'Die' aloud. Also this month Impaled and Shattered are on sale for 21$ each. Please check it out because after this month they go back to their regular price of 25$ or might be removed completely from our selection.