...Not Impressed...

[edit 2009: Norma Jean VS the Anti Mother is one of my favorite albums ever]

So I checked out Norma Jean's Myspace cuz they're working on their upcoming album Norma Jean VS the Anti Mother. The photography at the top of the page is amazing and completely inspiring. I scrolled down a bit to view the studio videos...what the hell are they doing? I understand a band or even a person wants to grow and explore sound, but why are they growing into the Deftones? What happened to Bless the Martyr and The Aftermath?? Those were powerful albums, their last work was like if Atreyu made a good album...which isn't saying much about either band. I don't expect music to stay mad forever, or be hardcore forever but why do bands assume that alternative rock is the next step forward? For example Dillinger Escape Plan's last album....I don't even want to say anything else about the decline of what use to be an awesome genre.

On the up side I did discover at NIX a guy mentioned a band called I Declare War. Insane.