The Devil's Rhythm

First line of business today is it's Dora's birthday today. Happy Birthday!

I want to start off by saying thanks to Kat from the Tshirts around the Internet blog. She has been supporting us since the beginning. We really appreciate her kind comments and her love for our designs. She's bout two shirts from us already. So Kat thanks, good luck on your blog and keep up the good work!

Lastly I wanted to share something I discovered. I like scratchy sounding recordings of old music that is so full of life that it's almost demonic. Like old Mississippi blues that talks about how their soul was sold to the devil at the crossroads.

There's a memorable scene in the movie that features Harry Belafonte's song Banana boat Song (Day O), and Jump in the Line. It's so messed up I love it. Anyways this is leading to a new song I found out about, it's a track that Kanye West produced for Jay-Z back in 2003 called Lucifer. The original track that he sampled is from Max Romeo called I Chase the Devil. It really sticks in your head.

If you got any creepy songs about the devil or devil related let me know I want to listen, or if you got a link to a youtube video that's even better.