Hide Your Arms

Over the months we've been reviewed by Andy of the HideYourArms tshirt blog. The first time he reviewed our Of Horror I shirt he pretty much just wrote a paragraph to fill up space on his page. He seemed to like the design but was to afraid to commit to liking it. The month after he reviewed our black on black Nevermore tshirt. He pretty much shrugged at what we did that month. In May he posted both Impaled and Shattered. Still going on about how emo our designs are as if it's a bad thing (Although he does admit to liking the designs anyways). I thought it was funny when he wrote about how surprised he was that we seem nice in our emails. But behold Andy's June 2nd entry. Let me premise by saying we sent him a free tshirt, not because we wanted to get him to post about us but because we wanted to thank him for blogging about us without asking for anything in return. It was funny to read how people noticed his shirt enough to tell him they liked it. So far this is what everyone who owns a shirt has been telling me. Go out and you'll for sure have people ask about your tshirt. And about the back logo that Andy mentioned might turn off some buyers...This is the beauty of us screen printing our own shirts after you've order yours. We've been asked to not print the back logo before and we've done so. Dora and I are totally approachable so just email us and we'll figure something out together. I'm posting below some of the photos that Andy posted on Hideyourarms. They will also be on our Facebook page. Thanks for featuring us every month so far, hope you enjoy your own little feature on our blog.