Kanye Show

We went to see Kanye West Tuesday night at the Bell Center. It was my first rap concert, and I really enjoyed it. Money was spent properly, and it was cool cuz the whole thing was based around a concept of being stranded on another planet. He didn't just sing songs and leave, it was like a play and all the songs where selected to follow the story of him being on this planet trying to get home. I'm not a big fan of rap music, but something about Kanye's music is very inspirational. He's motivating and shows that with a sincere idea and a lot of hard work you can achieve your goals. So here's a a video from the end of the concert when he gave a little speech. It was pretty cool seeing how we're starting out as a tshirt company with a couple designs printing everything ourselves. Hopefully one day we'll be able to grow and house more options of styles, and be able to experiment with other things than just tshirts or one colour designs. I hope dreams really do come true.