Speed Racer

Maybe it's cuz I went to see this movie at a small cinema where there was only Dora, myself, a creepy guy sitting alone at the front of the room, and a woman with 2 kids. Or because there was no surround sound, or even cuz there was no bass coming out of the stereo at all that made the movie so hard to enjoy.

I'm not gunna do like everyone else and say what sucked about the movie cuz that's obvious enough that it did, but instead I'll applaud that awesome kaleidoscope effect at the beginning. It was dark and Matrix-y and I didn't feel like I had to be a hippie to enjoy it. I'll have to admit the colours were gorgeously saturated. Working on children's books has made me appreciate bright punching colours. And lastly the awesome fight scene on the ice hill. Their moves were terrible but they filmed it in a way that looked like the characters were animated. I don't get how they did it but I know I've never seen that done before.
Wait for DVD on this one.