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Posted on May 09 2008

Today I was feeling so out of it, and I'm not sure if it's cuz I have a cold or cuz it's allergy season. But I listened to a couple old tracks that I did over 2 years ago with my friend Marc (on drums). It's so weird to hear it cuz upon listening I tell myself, 'I was able to make this?' It's nothing professional, but still to be able to take a guitar and some microphones and make a full composition into a recorded song is very cool to me. And I remember pumping these songs out within days to to the fact that I had nothing else going on at the time. Anyways hopefully I'll get a chance to jam with Marc again this summer and post it up here.

Btw, a tidbit of information: The 'In the Depths' shirt was based on creating a band shirt for Benthic that never got launched until Akumu Ink took off. Check it out my band Benthic.
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