Hardcore Videos

It's been a while since I've discovered some new bands that have what it takes to be played on my car stereo at full volume with the windows down. But Solid State Records have solved that problem (I'm in no way promoting SSR). When I heard these 3 songs I went 'wow' this is what I've been waiting for, cuz obviously Dillinger Escape Plan isn't gunna deliver like they used to any time soon. Anyways, this first band Oh, Sleeper is awesome, they remind me of old Norma Jean and Every Time I Die. August Burns Red is second with a much harder touch and beautiful technical riffs. Thirdly is Inhale, Exhale which I just discovered now while finding the other two videos. Although this song is pretty awesome (weak video) their other songs have alot of clear vocals which can be good, but I'm not a big fan of that style of singing. Anyways they are all worth checking out, hopefully one of these bands will be something you'll like. If you want to let me know of bands you like that are in this vein please do, I'm always hungry for new music.